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I have really enjoyed sharing stories and    

songs with everyone this term.

In assembly I told two of my favourite  


The King who wanted to touch the Moon


The Little Red Hen and Sly Fox.


I introduced Little Cypress Nursery to my    

book, Five Little Ducks went out one Day,










Can you find the five ducks hiding on this  




Year two were introduced to the magical  

firebird in my book, Masha and the Firebird













Which is your favourite egg? You can vote  

for your favourite here


I really enjoyed meeting families after  

school for a story and rhyme time.

You can listen to some more rhymes here.












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I can't believe the term is going by so fast!

It's been great fun coming into see you all.


You've experienced two different  

traditional  stories in assembly  - the crazy,

funny Rabbit and the Wolves and my old  

favourite The Snake Prince. The second tale

is found in The Olive Book of FairyTales . A

free digital copy can be found here










Year 3, I was delighted to see you were  

inspired by my dragon poem,

You say you don't believe in dragons

and wrote  your own anthology. I must  

have a read when I visit again in January.


I was blown away by Samuel's painting of  

dragons. Samuel had paid so much  

attention to detail that he created such

different personalities for his dragons!

What a talent!


I introduced year 4 to my own dragon  

racing trilogy. We discovered our own  

dragons and then flew one into a Roman  

backdrop as year 4 are studying the












We finished off my visit with some great

lift the flap book making.


Who would you meet behind the door?




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Cypress Upper School

Cypress Lower School

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WOW! Some great writing and some great ideas! Click on each one to see in detail!

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Autumn Term with year 1 and Masha and the Firebird

After-school book making with year 2

Spring Term with year 2 and Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain


After-school book making with year 5

Autumn Term with year 4 and Dragon Writing

Spring Term with year 5